The Capitol 

What Up World D.B. Reporting. Letting Yall Know My New Album The capitol. Is Now Avaliable. On ITunes & Amazon get Your Copy Today. M.O.M. Crazy !!!!


D.B. New Mixtape 2054 Is Avaliable Now. Check IT Out

Fly By Night Love 

Get ( Fly By Night Love ) On Itunes Now. D.B. ( Feat ) Dilly Bright Lights ( M.O.M. Crazy !!! )


My Next Album Will Be Titled '' THE CAPITAL'' 2013 M.O.M. CRAZY !!!!

Paint A Smile 

Jasmine V. New Song & Video Paint A Smile Coming Soon.

New Singles. Metalocalypse & Twisted Metal 

Wats Up !!!! Wats Up !!! Wats Up !!!! World !!!!! My New Singles Metalocalypse & Twisted Metal Are Now Avaliable. Download Those Joints & Keep Showing Your Support. M.O.M. Crazy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

D.B. Amazing Spider - Man : Edge OF Time 

D.B. New Single. Amazing Spider-Man : Edge OF Time Is Avaliable 12 - 13 - 11 M.O.M. Crazy. The Single will be featured on . The Window 2 : Abstract Fantasys : Cartoon Living Sprees : And SuperHero Mysterys.

D.B. Dick Tracey 

Wat Up world Just wanna let Yall Know My New Mixtape. Dick tracey Is Now Avaliable For Download.